Hirsch’s is a family owned retail meat market serving Plano and surrounding areas since 1992.


Fresh and Smoked

Hirsch’s hand produces all of our fresh and smoked sausages from handed down proven recipes. Seasoning for each batch made is hand blended and mixed with fresh pork for the freshest product available. No MSG or preservatives are ever used in our fresh sausages. Just seasonings, pork butts, water, fresh ingredients and natural hog casings. The way it should be.

Hot Dogs

We carry 3 brands of Hot Dogs. Thumann’s natural casing hot dogs, Iowa all meat ¼ lb hot dog and a Vienna Beef all beef hot dog. As well as Vienna buns, relish, sport peppers and giardiniera.

Limited Availability

Due to limited product availability, we are not able to take freezer pack orders at this time.

Hind, sides and game - temporarily unavailable
Freezer Packs - Temporarily Unavailable