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Game Processing

Due to Texas Department of Health restrictions, we are unable to process wild hogs or non-native Texas species.  Please call them at 972/536-2224 to find out where these animals are allowed to be processed.

All wild game must be accompanied with proof of sex of the animal (head or sex organs) and proper wild game tag – NO EXCEPTIONS.  For detailed rules of processing, check the Texas Parks and Wildlife outdoor manual of Official Hunting and Fishing regulations.

Due to store location, Hirsch’s is not allowed to skin any animals.  Therefore, all game must be completely skinned before it can be accepted.


Due to the overwhelming amount of processing, our limited freezing/cooling space availability and increased holiday business, Hirsch’s will not be able to accept any game after December 11, 2019 until January 3, 2020.

Once notified that game is processed and ready for pick up, Hirsch’s requires you pick up within 5 operating business days (Tuesday through Saturday).  After five (5) operating business days of being notified, there will be a $5.00 a day storage fee charge – NO EXCEPTIONS. Any processing not picked up after 30 days will be sold to recover processing fees.

Processing Fees

Processing includes cutting, grinding, wrapping and freezing of one deer or similar size animal.
Reg. Processing:   $60 per animal; $15 per quarter.

Elk, Moose and other large size animals: $200.00 or $50 per quarter.

Processing Pricing Example

One deer or four quarters.  This includes removing all cuts off bones, grinding, wrapping and freezing: $60.00

Sausage making

7-1/2 lb. venison:
2-1/2 lb. pork back fat, $5.00
= 10 lb. fresh sausage, $20.00

7-1/2 lb. venison:
2-1/2 lb. pork back fat, $5.00
= 10 lb. smoked sausage, $30.00

TOTAL: $120.00

Other processing charges:

Boneless meat grinding only – $1.00 per pound
Sausage making (minimum 10 lbs. per variety)
Fresh Sausage:

  • $1.50 lbs/raw weight bulk fresh sausage
  • $2.00 lbs/raw weight – patties
  • $2.00 lbs/raw weight – fresh links
  • $3.00 lbs/raw weight – smoked links
  • $3.50 lbs/raw weight – smoked links with cheese

Boneless Pork, $2.00 lb. – Hirsch’s will add 25% pork mix to all sausage
Beef Suet – $1.00 lb.

10% discount for paying with cash!!

Hirsch’s will not be responsible for weight loss due to placement of hit.  Example:  bruised and shattered shoulders, feces, contaminated meat, etc.


(November thru the 2nd Wednesday in December.  Resuming January 3, 2020.)
Closed Sunday
Mondays – 7am to noon, November 4 thru December 9 only.
Tuesday through Friday – 10am to 6pm; Saturdays – 9am to 5pm